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My Story

I am going to be radically honest with you. Photography was NEVER my dream. I could sit here and say that "all I wanted in life was to take pretty pictures for a living" but that would simply be a lie. I had it all planned out. I was going to be a teacher, marry the guy from high school, and live a worry free cookie cutter life and I tried to make it happen. But dude lemme tell ya. God's plan was way bigger and way greater than my plan. And it started when I met my husband Devan.

I met my husband in the last year of my teaching program. We started dating and fell in love instantly. Two months into our relationship, Devan was in a motorcycle wreck where he was left with a spinal chord injury. Everything in our lives shifted and changed. We went from being able bodied easy going life, to navigating the world through the lens of disability.

In May of 2020 Devan and I lost his older brother. To Devan, this was the man that was a father figure to him, gave him a home after his accident, and was his best friend. 

Life never stops. While it gets hard, messy, and confusing, you get better at handling the hard. We learned how to find the joy in all things, and celebrate every little moment we have together and love one another fiercely.

Okay, that was a lot. So why are you telling me this?

The reason I am telling you this is because my love for photography goes way deeper than just "authentically capturing your love story" or "telling your story through images" as you'll probably read on a million other photography websites. While I connect with those statements, I love photography because over my years of change and loss, the ONLY piece I had left of the past were the pictures.

The pictures of when my husband could walk, the pictures of my brother in law holding his 1 year old daughter that sits on our TV stand that we look at every single day. That is how we remember our best memories. How we capture the JOY in life.

I want that for you.

Life can change quickly. I want the best day of your life, with the best people in your life, to be captured. For every ounce of emotion to be FELT over and over again. When you look back at your images you deserve to know how loved you are by those around you, and see how much you love your people. That is what I provide each and every one of my clients. That is what I will give you.

That is why.

Capturing these memories became so important to me, that I left my teaching career to pursue my business full time. I now serve my Wedding clients and I love every minute. I get to do these things I love, while serving people in an unbelievably powerful way. If you have made it this far. Thank you for reading my story. Let's be friends!

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Some Fun Facts About Me!

I love iced vanilla lattes and sitting in any aesthetically pleasing coffee shop.

My favorite meal is brunch. Coffee, mimosa's AND pancakes. Um, YES PLEASE

I am VERY high energy. Like I was the girl that was called "too loud" and "too much" when I was a kid. It as served me well as an adult.

My hobbies include having very long conversations with my best friends at any given moment, watching/singing Hamilton (yes I know every single word), and eating and local restaurants with my hubs!

I am super organized when planning any event with more than 2 participants. Im talking timelines, color themes, group messages, custom Spotify playlists. And yes, I CAN do allllll of this for your wedding.

I am a HUGE people person. I love people. Everyone is my friend, they just don't know it yet!

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Kind Words



- Caitlyn and Danny

"Y’all, you need Tori in your life!!!!!! After viewing her portfolio and instagram, I reached out and she instantly wanted to have a convo with us, so we set up a call that day. We fell in love with her— my husband got off the phone and said “well, she’s amazing!!!” She is bubbly and cool and made us feel heard, even though we were short on plans (and time) After our call, Tori sent us three possible timelines for our wedding, which gave us the direction we needed! She is a former teacher, so she knows how to create plans and backup plans in case those inevitably don’t work out. She coached us on our sendoff and what works best for that time of day (6pm). She was very communicative throughout the lead up to the wedding.
On the wedding day, our family & friends loved Tori! She even gave us a sweet gift.
Not only that, but she sent us our first look the next day, and look at these photos!!!!! She absolutely killed it."


"We LOVED our shoot with Tori!!! She is professional, organized, and energetic and knows how to make everything (and everyone) look perfect. She made us feel comfortable with the specificity of her poses and instructions, and there was zero awkwardness. Gorgeous photos and an incredible person and artist behind them!!" 

- Savannah 

Tori captured my wedding on April 16th and she’s was one of, if not, my biggest cheerleader for the day! She listened to any requests I had and made it a breeze to run through my very long family photo list! I got my sneak peaks that night and I’m in love! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!!